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What our customers say about us

We have fairly aggressive growth plans, and we no longer have to worry about facilities management as we grow
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sophie florin
With Else, our customer complaints have gone down 85% and we're now able to focus on the thoughtful customer relationship building we have been wanting to prioritize
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Joseph Andrews
founder & CEO
Else has been instrumental in helping us streamline our logistics and improve our customer experience
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Reese Richards
Else has a lot more flexibility in its logistics modeling and ability to execute than I would ever have with in-house fulfillment. I really do look at Else as a partner to help make decisions
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Sarah Chen
A lot of our time used to go into re-ordering stock, but now we know that Else is on top of everything. This all wouldn’t be possible if we hadn’t found a partner like you
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Heather Reir
founder & ceo
Else has consistently exceeded our expectations with innovative solutions and technology, providing a superior customer experience. They are a true partner, customizing solutions to our needs. We trust them implicitly and highly recommend their services.
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Liz Aboonaw
Chief logistics
We went through an intense search process and ended up talking with 15 different 3PLs before going with Else[...]Now, we are partnering with Else, and we are thrilled with the experience
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Brook Parker
Else has helped us optimize our supply chain and improve delivery times. Their customer service is top-notch, always addressing issues proactively, saving everyone's time
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Linda Robichaux
founder & COO
What we Offer
Toronto, New York, Houston, LA, Ottawa, Montreal.
Offer Awesome Shopping Experiences To Your Customers Anywhere and Grow Your Brand

Who we are

We are fellow online store owners with lots of relevant experience in the industry, we know all the frustration when it comes to logistics: dealing with warehouses, hidden costs, slow fulfillment, poor customer service, etc that's why we can bring you this solution. Else will power your store with ultra fast fulfillment and there is no lenghty contract, no deposit and no risk.

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Ultra Fast

Same-Day Canada And US Delivery

Else's same-day delivery service is designed to give your brand the same delivery capabilities as the biggest e-retailers across  Canada and the US without breaking the bank.

By storing your inventory in our strategically located metropolitan warehouses, we ensure that your products are always within reach of your end customers so that you can offer lightning-fast shipping options without breaking the bank.

Enable ultra-fast shipping options at checkout and enjoy increased conversion rates, decrease cart abandonment rate and improved CLV among other benefits.


Powerful Integrations

Integrate your store to our system in just a few clicks whether your CMS is Shopify, Etsy, Woocommerce, Amazon or Squarespace.
Automatically sync and track your orders, track the amount of stock available at each of our fulfillment centers, get low stock notifications, etc.

Forget about the lines of codes and unending email exchanges, save precious hours of your time and start selling ASAP.


Unlimited Reach

Else's customers have access to a very large fulfillment center network that spreads accross Canada and the US.
This gives you the kind of reach that only the biggest e-retailers have and allows you to offer unmatched delivery speeds.

Each center is directly connected to our system allowing you to have full visibility and control on your inventory and operations.
Additionally scaling your business is made super easy, whether you want to scale up and/or out, Else has you completely covered and it only takes hours not weeks!

Tailored program

Safe-Start Inventory Program

We put our money where our mouth is, our safe-start program is a 100% guarantee option we offer to qualified Shopify brands.

We will start by buying upfront your first inventory from you, we will then fulfill all your orders within a defined geographical zone, all you have to do is sell through your channels as usual while we transform the boring logistics into ultra fast and seamless experiences.

This allows you to try Else's offer without worrying about loss of inventory, hidden fees or terrible service.

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How It Works

1.Talk To Us

A quick friendly call where we will discuss how our solution works and see if their is a fit

2.Integrate Your Store

Once you're ready to move forward we will integrate our Shopify app to your store and send a proposal that contains the terms of the deal (proposed location, shipping options, inventory size, etc)

3.Send The Inventory

we pay upfront for your inventory and shipping, you can then simply send it to the indicated storage location

4.We're all set!

We pride ourselves in our hassle-free, fast onboarding, in less than a week you're all set and ready to deliver awesomeness to your customers.

Transparent Pricing

1-500 UNITS
Packing &shipping
Management & Customer support
500-1000 UNITS
Packing &shipping
Management & Customer support
1000 UNITS+
1.8/30 units
Packing &shipping
Management & Customer support

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